About Author (Amy Wunderly)

Hello, I’m Amy Wunderly, a devoted traveler and an enthusiast of the open road, residing right at the heart of Bakersfield, California, at 01 Truxtun Avenue. My life’s journey is intricately woven with the countless miles I’ve traversed aboard Greyhound buses, Amtrak trains, and local buses. Through my experiences, I’ve become not just a seasoned traveler, but a connoisseur of public transportation and a guide for those navigating its vast network.

About Author (Amy Wunderly)

My Love Affair with Greyhound Buses

My story with Greyhound buses is not just about travel; it’s a tale of discovering the soul of America. Each journey has been a new chapter, revealing the diverse tapestry of landscapes and cultures across the United States. These experiences, ranging from the bustling streets of major cities to the serene paths less traveled, have enriched my understanding of the country and its people.

Embracing the Rails with Amtrak

My adventures extend beyond the roads to the railways. Amtrak trains have been my companions in exploring the contours of America. There’s a unique rhythm to train travel, a melody of the tracks that resonates with the spirit of adventure. Each station, each whistle stop, tells a story, and I’ve been a keen listener, gathering tales along the way.

Navigating the Local Pulse

Local buses have given me a lens to view the everyday heartbeat of the places I visit. They offer a window into the daily lives of people, connecting neighborhoods, and communities. These journeys, though shorter, are no less significant, adding depth and perspective to my travels.

Sharing My Journey and Knowledge

My experiences have culminated in a desire to share and guide. On my website, I discuss issues related to public transportation and offer solutions from a place of knowledge and experience. I’m particularly proud of providing a free bus tracker for Greyhound buses, a tool that helps travelers stay informed and connected.

Connect with Me

Join me in this journey. Share in my experiences and insights as we explore the world of public transportation together. You can follow my adventures and updates on my social profiles:

In this journey, every road taken, every track followed, and every bus boarded is a story waiting to be told. I invite you to be a part of my story, as we navigate the vast and beautiful landscapes of America, one journey at a time.

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